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26 March 2018

This February 2018 edition of CURVENEWYORK welcomed students from the High School of Fashion Industries in New York, New York. Below are the key takeaways they gathered from having a step inside the show.

“Today’s experience, was nothing short of amazing. Before the Underfashion Club opportunity, I never considered myself an undergarment designer. Although, the Curvexpo trip truly opened my eyes to the endless opportunities within fashion, and an avenue called lingerie. Seeing all the innovative undergarment creations, exquisitely made lingerie, and the successfully established as well as hopeful up and coming companies, definitely granted me boundless inspiration. Inspiration, not only for my portfolio, but also inspiration for a future career in the undergarment industry. I gained valuable advice and insight, from every station we visited. I learned that even though undergarment fashion may seem simple, there are so many things that come into account when designing; just to name a few are: hygiene, body support/comfort, and innovation. I learned that staying innovative, and constantly bringing new ideas to the table are vital in lingerie, as well as all sectors within fashion. Overall, this memorable learning experience was everything I hoped for and more. I feel very grateful for this opportunity, and extremely thankful towards everyone in the Underfashion Club, who made this experience possible for my peers and I.”  – Abigayle Jimenez

“The Curvexpo revealed a world of intimate apparel that has never crossed my mind before. Different companies had various aesthetics and ideas when it comes to designing; so it was interesting to hear about their pitches and how their businesses began. There were various sources of inspiration to use and methods to think about such the functionality or purpose of a garment. This has expanded my knowledge of the industry beyond what I’ve expected which is one of the reasons why I’m grateful for being a part of this opportunity.” – Nayikah Benoit

“I just want to say thank you for the opportunity. I had an amazing experience and definitely learned a great amount of information from the tradeshow. It opened my eye to many new ideas and inspired me to try new thing for the future. Thank you again.” – Summayah White

“Attending the Curvexpo was the most creative and inspiring event I have had as a high school student. Being given such an amazing opportunity as this event has opened my eyes as a designer and provided me the drive and motivation needed to be in the fashion industry. Speaking to the various vendors gave me insight of the industry and mainly, also understand the business aspect of intimate apparel. I wanted to thank you for this lucky opportunity that provided me to broaden my interest and explore many possibilities in the intimate apparel industry. ” – Windy Dias

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