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Sustainable development and eco-responsibility: new challenges for the industry

14 September 2018

In today’s society, eco-responsibility is no longer a fashion nor even a requirement, it is a veritable emergency, an absolute necessity.
But there’s no such thing as zero-impact products. There is no perfect solution.

That’s why it’s essential to gain an accurate overview of the situation to take concrete action, rather than relying on an industrial solution alone.

Corporate vision, collective consciousness, consumption behaviour, etc.

Listen back to the conference given by Dominique Demoinet on this topic at Interfilière Paris




With Stephan HUETTE – Development Manager ROICA Fibers – ASAHI KASEI
Michel CHTEPA – Directeur Général de SEAQUAL 4U
Virginie WITTMER –  Sales Manager & Business Unit Manager SABF (Sofileta Active Bodywear Fashion) SOFILETA
Philip SCHÄR – Customer Relations Manager Responsible for Europe BLUESIGN TECHNOLOGIE
François-Xavier FERRARI – Co-fondateur de COOPERATIVE MU
Stéphane Petitjean, GREENFLEX
et Clémentina Renaud-Barreyro, Baelle

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