The Swim Revolution: new developments in swimwear

11 June 2019

New approaches to design, smart manufacturing and sustainable thinking. The next challenges facing the swimwear market are opening up a new era for professionals across the board. With the swimwear market ready for action, the stakes are even higher.

For the last few years, lifestyle trends have celebrated surfwear, an alternative scene which has carved out its own spot between fashion and sport, establishing a hip new mindset: the cool surf vibe.

A new water-sports phenomenon is currently boosting the swimwear market with exponential growth in the latest activewear trends, driven by the popularity of aqua-fitness, aqua-biking, aqua-running and aqua-boxing, etc. These water-based activities tick all the boxes for men and women who want to combine staying in shape with having fun. Here, once again, there is a demand for a new, more mindful approach: the quest for wellbeing.

It is within this context that the swimsuit, the ultimate weapon of seduction, is on the brink of a revolution fuelled by new technologies: fabrics are ever more technical and functional, with a bespoke range of performance options, design is being revisited to address new requirements focusing on comfort and ergonomics and manufacturing is capable of integrating new techniques including, in the near future, the potential for 3D-printed swimwear. It’s important to remember that swimwear is firmly part of the fashion world. A fashion sector that imposes a single rule for remaining attractive: standing out from the crowd to appeal to ever more connected and switched-on consumers, who are uncompromising with regard to comfort and performance, attentive to fit and elegance and keen to protect the planet through ethical consumption.

So how can we avoid the pitfalls? In which direction should the swimwear industry be moving? Which are the key areas for development? What about new manufacturing techniques? Which cutting-edge technologies will revolutionize manufacturing? To what extent are circular economies compatible with this new innovation cycle? What are the most effective actions for boosting consumption? How do you stimulate customer interest in ‘new generation’ articles?

The conference on “State-of-the-art Swim Solutions” will be held at 11.00am on Sunday 7 July at Interfilière Paris, bringing together a high-calibre roundtable to answer all these questions: Chloë Salmon Legagneur, Director of the Chaire BALI, Biarritz Active Lifestyle Industry project, Aline Gable, Nabaiji Brand Director for Decathlon, Thomas Batigne, Founder of the Lynxter start-up, Emmanuelle Cardosi, Designer and Director of CARDO Paris, Roberto Tiburzi – Swimwear & Apparel Category Manager for Arena and Dominique Heuillard, Technical Director for Sofileta.


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