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13 June 2017

More than just a trend, surfing is now a true, sporty, healthy and ultra-modern lifestyle. Vector of an urgent need for freedom, dynamic wellness and “healthy not boring”, surfing enters the active sports category. Inducted into the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, surfing inspires and inspires swimwear collections.

The sports beachwear is feminized by games of targeted cuts and additions of mesh to play the transparencies in lightness. We take inspiration from the world of lingerie to work the back way bare-dipped or sets of links in seductive lingerie.


Performing, ergonomic and feminine, the sports cloakroom meets well-being and sensuality.
The colors are also the vector of this active and feminine current: traditional black and navy blue melt duck and white, softened by a strawberry shake.

The sporty beachwear reveals itself beyond the monotonous jumpers, to unveil a dynamic, feminine and active locker room.
Pauline Bonafous

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