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30 May 2017

It is a fact, Millennials review the codes of consumption in a creative and disruptive way. Then, Lingerie becomes a vector of self-expression, where basic comfort and enhancement of the silhouette emerge in new symbols of seduction. If cotton, symbol of comfort, has long been worked in a simple way, new techniques can add a true innovation value to the well-being.

The new generation of ultra-fine cotton gives pared-down lingerie a sensorial update.

Comfort is now designed thanks to crossed elastic structures and molded cups on a bandeau shape. Wires are modernized thanks to silicone, which brings comfort and well-being, as bonded silicone boning or continuous underwired silicone boning placed on the underband.

Innovative techniques Des techniques innovantes, borrowed from synthetic materials, give cotton a high-tech finish to enhance the well-being: raw-cut and molded cotton renew the basics.

Structured and sensorial, technical and comfortable, well-being and seduction, high-tech cotton mixes codes with ease to meet the expectations of modern young people.
Pauline Bonafous

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