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The best swimwear brands for summer 2018

23 October 2017

The trade show expands its horizons with new brands from different corners of the planet. Join us for a trip around the world to get the latest brand news from different countries.

What’s special about Latin American swimwear brands?

Albina Litvinenko –  Colombian brands agent in Russia (Lau De La, Printslab, Ellipse)

“Today, Latin American swimsuits stand out, first of all with signature designs that reflect the entire production process. Each craftsperson puts an wealth of care and attention into every detail. This approach makes every piece individual and innovative. Each product is rich with feeling and has its own history. Also, manufacturers strive to maintain a high level of quality in their products, not only to win new markets, but also to leave their mark on the swimwear industry’s history. Finally, Colombian swimsuits bear the stamp of each region’s cultural code – its craft traditions, colours, and accessories.”



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