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4 June 2018


From time immemorial, it has always played a preponderant role in our moods, desires, and pleasures.
After a long period of neutrals… even of lackluster inspiration… in lingerie colors, they’re back, stronger than ever, in flashy, clear, even unexpected tones. How can they help you grow and develop your products and services?
Some shops have decided to highlight color and make it the essential element in the shopping experience. Color can increase pleasure for consumers, by creating an entertaining atmosphere at the point of sale, a decisive element in the strategy of many retailers!

    The new brand from Swedish behemoth H&M is positioning itself as a “modern-day market” for wardrobe essentials! Like a concept store, simple and efficient, Arket offers collections that are limited to just a few basic pieces available in different colors, with meticulous details and from sustainable manufacturing, on a seasonal basis. The merchandising is focused on highly structured color palettes that are truly alluring.
    224 Regent St, London – UK
    A New York lingerie boutique, is revolutionizing the rules of lingerie shops with color! Their merchandising is extremely minimal and white… and the products do the rest! This is a winning strategy.
    140 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10003 – USA
    125 Greenwich Avenue, New York, NY 10014 – USA


A high-end Lingerie and Swimwear brand, makes color the essential element in its collections. We speak with Mr Georges Vicidomini, designer of DnuD, which is sold at over 350 retail outlets in France and throughout the world.
92, av. du Général de Gaulle, 44500 La Baule – France
9, place de la République 56360, Le Palais – Belle-Ile-En-Mer, France

Eurovet : Since the beginning, you’ve affirmed the uniqueness of the colors in your collections. Why is this so important for you?
Georges Vicidomini : Every brand must have something unique. For mine, it’s color. In my view, it’s the essential element in our collections. It creates 80% of the success of a product. This is why we work for 7 months on our color range: It’s the result of intense, sustained focus, which our customers recognize each season. I’m
always looking for the “perfect solid”. This work is just as important as the unique quality of our shapes and fit.

For DNUD, a successful product stems primarily from
G.V. 1 color + 1 shape + 1 personality = A certain type of authenticity.

Where do you source these new colors from? Do you use a color expert?
G.V. I work only with my own teams. These colors are the product of our thinking. I don’t use any style consulting firms, trend guides, nor inspiration trips. It’s the depth of our thinking that pushes us to create and recreate colors each season. For the DNUD brand, it means lots of man hours and investment (multiple color reproduction tests) that we undertake each season.

Do you think that color can make a customer fall in love with a product and purchase it?
G.V. Absolutely! Color is subtle. It generates emotion, tells a story, and has a magnetic power of attraction!

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