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The shapewear makeover.

22 January 2018

Having passed from fashion phenomenon, to social phenomenon, for nearly 10 years, shapewear has taken up a large portion of the lingerie market with sales that have soared around the world.

This lingerie, which shapes and sculpts, has become a bona fide fashion accessory. It’s a supplementary tool of seduction for all women and is no longer simply considered to be for those more voluptuous. Essential in dressing rooms everywhere, international stars and the biggest designers in the world sing its praises, for appearing more slender, for ensuring good support and for covering up unsightly underwear lines.

Today, shapewear exceeds its functional aspect to also seduce consumers looking for the perfect balance between comfort, support and style.

It enhances the female body and presents ultra-aesthetic fashion products: more lightweight, more colourful, more seductive and glamorous all whilst preserving their softness and comfort!



The development of new gene- ration materials, which are more lightweight, offers a “lighter” appearance for collections and also offers numerous creative possibilities.

Since 2014, Nancy Ganz (Australia) has been developing Slims™, lightweight and ultra-breathable with innovating flocking tape technology.

The result of several years of research, Kulturbela (Columbia), uses a combination of microfibres and Spandex for perfect softness.

Unabella (France) created UnaShape, a bi-extensible warp and weft material which is soft, innovating, lightweight and extremely resistant. Its elasticity makes it gently compressive, making it effective in resculpting the silhouette whilst also allowing completely free movement.

For the upcoming season, Omero (Italy) is launching an elegant new line, Tulle Shape with a 100% Made in Italy, Lycra® Beauty certified material.

With their meticulous expertise and know-how, Wacoal (Japan) have won the bet by presenting their Sexy Shaping line in lace with geometric designs, sculpting, invisible and with incomparable softness. Definitely glamorous, the brand has coloured this line in flamboyant red.

Finally, Premier Artisan de Beauté (Japan) is revolutionising the shapewear world by revealing 12 new colours (pale pink, baby blue, sunny yellow, fuchsia, mauve or sea green). fte brand wanted to brighten up the daily lives of women as, “a smile is the key to beauty”.



Clara (Italy) have drawn up a lingerie design which is comfortable and supportive with a style that flatters the natural femininity of the body. With their “Vaudeville” line, the brand gently asserts a purified spirit. fteir exclusive material and the precision of details offers a new fit and optimal support.

Unabella (France) are launching their sculpting pret-a-porter line with a new innovative and patented concept. “Shapewear has a place in every wardrobe and can be worn on a daily basis under clothes. No more need to hide away, it’s the renewal of shapewear”.

This season, shapewear is doing away with traditional codes and is revealing new cleavage work: plunging and push-up. Irresistibly sexy, it enhances feminine assets and brushes off its old-fashioned image.

Le Journal Intime (Russia) crystallises the French creativity of Marjorie Collard and Maud Julliard (Maud & Marjorie) with the technicality of Native (medical compression girdle manufacturer) to offer lingerie which is both sculpting and desirable. For their Victoria line, the deep cleavage work is a key element of seduction.

Wacoal (Japan) with their Opulence line, bring together innovation, seduction and modernity. ftis premium line presents an original bare back bustier and a plunging bra which manage to remain incomparably comfortable.


Shapewear is writing a new chapter in its story. It makes a commitment to the female body, gently sculpting it, playing with colours and shimmers, giving the feeling of a second skin. It has transformed into glamorous and sensual lingerie to conjure up a new femininity and shows off a new modernity across its lines. Supported by textile innovations, it doesn’t disappoint in terms of support, seduces while  remaining elegant and does this whilst also retaining total freedom. Shapewear, which has become a true source of inspiration, still has many surprises in store for the years to come…






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