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3 July 2017

Mapale is a company established in Miami, since 1999. We have strongly built a reputation with our edgy & fashion forward products which are 100% made in Colombia. Mapale currently have 3 successful divisions with a worldwide recognition:

  • Mapale Lingerie
  • Mapale Resort & Swim
  • Mapale Active & Lounge
Mapale’s caters to all strong and sultry women who want to express their styles throughout different parts of the day. They are also a great source of inspiration.

What does Mapale mean? Frantic percussion, a quick pace and movements that defy human nature. These are the characteristic of the dance that is Mapale. It embodies the passion and sensuality found in culture all around the globe, with a specific influence from the beauty and serenity of an ocean wave flowing onto the shore of South Beach. The tempo can be felt when wearing our brand.

Let’s follow the rhythm together!

How do we say Mapale?:

Mapale dance :


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