They’ll celebrate birthdays in 2018!

15 January 2018

Aubade 60 years

The upmarket brand will mark its 60th anniversary with renewal and modernism, a new direction that will influence communication techniques as much as points of sale!

The brand has developed an internationally-based strategy with a 360° communication campaign around the new base line “Parlez-vous Aubade?” For boutiques the goal is to recreate the atmosphere of a Parisian woman’s apartment with a warm, intimate setting to better connect with clients and make them feel comfortable

To celebrate this birthday, the brand will also create a fall-winter collection inspired by Aubade’s imaginary love affairs – from the first feelings to passion and from flirting to eroticism. With exceptional pieces, cheeky boxed sets, and colourful lingerie in Leavers lace, luxurious embroideries, and sophisticated silks, this anniversary collection will symbolise “Made in Paris” elegance, femininity, and love.


Simone Pérèle 70 years

Simone Pérèle had a goal 70 years ago: to create lingerie that frees women’s bodies. Today that mission is a legacy the brand will celebrate with a limited edition collection. The forward-looking range is composed of modern prints and shapes accented with subtle vintage touches. The Simone Pérèle booth will showcase the 1948 limited edition collection and present a museum-quality exhibition covering 70 years of history.

The Pérèle house has, in fact, always been associated with stylistic renewal and new imagery that breaks away from lingerie market codes. Following the example of Simone Pérèle 70 years ago, the brand will shine the spotlight on the new Simones who are both strong and feminine and who dare to follow their dreams.

Lingerie, like self-confidence, is a hidden lucky charm that comes to life only when embraced: #JeSuisUneSimone. Stay tuned, Simone Pérèle will speak out in an original digital campaign scheduled for the 2nd semester of 2018.



Hom, 50 years

French brand HOM, founded in 1968, brought considerable innovations to men’s intimates by designing and selling a product that gave consumers comfort and support for the first time ever. Since then, HOM has never stopped contributing its expertise and creativity to the men’s underwear sector.

In 1997 the HO1 (Horizontal Opening #1) was named the world’s most comfortable briefs, becoming the brand’s signature design. For the briefs’ 2017 re-edition, the brand chose to use humour in a street marketing campaign with 500 eye-catching posters and the slogan “not right, not left, a horizontal opening” throughout the capital.

From 1968 to 2018, the streets still have their say! To celebrate this anniversary, each month all the HOM communication and distribution channels will spread the word about one iconic product.



Huit, 50 years

Founded in France in 1968, Huit’s mission was to express its personality through unique, avant-garde designs. In the beginning, the name Huit was based on the number eight which, when placed horizontally, is the infinity sign and symbolises the shape of a woman’s breasts.

As a designer of premium lingerie and swimwear in sizes from 80 to 100 cm bands and A to F cups, Huit is proud of its craftsmanship, expertise, and 50-year history of creating luxury right down to the finishing touches.


Jolidon 25 ans

Jolidon began in Cluj-Napoca, Romania in 1993 in a small atelier with four sewing machines. Now the international lingerie and swimwear brand is celebrating 25 years of creativity with exquisitely-designed, sophisticated collections.

The elegant, glamorous ranges, with their carefully chosen fabrics and meticulous details, make luxury affordable.

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