18 July 2019

In a kind and caring era of “gift” offers, with beauty, massage, and coaching boxes, it’s all about reconnecting with your femininity and taking part in this summertime mood to make the most of your body and sensuality. Increasingly remarkable swimwear pieces, infused with joy and a festive spirit, offer a boldly glamorous look. Refined details are out front, for unabashed charm (Bonbon Lingerie) or sophisticated eroticism (E.L.F Zhou London,
Voiment). Women dare to try volume effects, with exceptional styles that reflect the season, with a clearly theatrical bent (Encantadore, Cosita Linda, Gottex, Jolidon, Maliluha, Milonga, Ochie, Waimari, OndadeMar, Calarena, Alawa).
Swimwear, like beachwear items, become bold, impulse purchases, with a range inspired by beauty and couture, going as far as to offer a certain






After the flesh-toned color trend, with a lovely range of nudes influenced by lingerie, white is making a comeback. A summer stalwart, immaculately white swimsuits are back with a vengeance (22Paradise, Billabong, Calarena, Ani Ani, Doro Di Lauro, Gottex, MilaKrasna, Beachlife, Ocean Couture, Paramidonna, Porto Brazil, Jolidon, Lise Charmel, Aulala, Hateia) and are revealing a season oriented toward bridal wear (Acqua Bazaar, Drivemebikini, Kinda, Milonga, Waimari), for summer weddings or honeymoons in the tropics.



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