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18 June 2018

Innovation textile: a meeting with Jeanne Vicérial

Jeanne Vicérial is a textile designer and co-founder of the design, research & innovation studio: Clinique Vestimentaire.

An interest in technology encouraged her to take inspiration from 3D printing to revolutionize the weaving process. Her work involves creating a machine which invents a new weaving system.

The technique developed features an approach to apparel creation that can be used to weave made-to-measure garments, using human muscle fibre as a model for an apparel design system: all patterns are taken directly from human anatomy to transform garments into a veritable new skin.

Keen to contribute to made-to measure and environmentally-sound production, she uses recycled yarn as her raw material in a process that cuts out fabric wastage.

The knitting-weaving machine has been developed in collaboration with engineers specializing in robotics and mechatronics at the Ecole des Mines in Paris.

This and other innovations can be viewed in the Tomorrow! space at Interfilière Paris.


Tomorrow never comes, it’s always the future.

The Interfilière trade show has decided to accompany visitors and exhibitors by keeping a close eye on innovative techniques and experimental research relating to textiles and yarns, as well as sales and communication strategies. The market uses innovation as a way of approaching the future, with its inevitable areas of uncertainty, to offer brands and distribution platforms a high level of reactivity. Keen to address environmental and sociological issues, Eurovet is highlighting innovative projects.

Interfilière’s objective is to take an upstream approach to discovering and accompanying talented players who contribute to the sector’s dynamism.

The July 2018 edition of the show will pursue an ongoing objective of developing a veritable future-oriented discovery tool, as well as highlighting the sector’s commitments.

Key industry stakeholders will have the opportunity to exchange with brands on an experimental journey, covering specific topics relating to innovation in textiles and production, within a platform named: “Tomorrow! The Innovative Exchange and Experimental Way”.


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