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18 July 2017

The company «Palmetta» was founded more than 25 years ago.

At the moment, it is one of the leading companies in the market of lingerie in Russia.

The company «Palmetta» realizes a special approach to the production of women’s underwear; it is based on the principles of quality, comfort and beauty and it transforms a everyday items into a masterpiece that enhances the beauty of every woman and gives her confidence in her own attractiveness.

For the years of effective work the company has achieved significant successes:

  • Three trademarks of underwear and a trademark of swimwear have been created and are being produced and improved;
  • Own chain of retail stores has been organized and is being developed;
  • The company has recognition of thousands of customers and experts.

The distinctive features of the brand are:

The own design ideas

  • A close study of trends in world fashion and consumer preferences is the basis for creating unique collections of underwear and swimwear. The designing of models for different types of figures guarantees them to fit  perfectly.

The product range is constantly updating

  • Approximately 70 collections of underwear and swimwear are produced each year. Frequent updating of assortment attracts regular and  new customers, prompting to go shopping as often as possible.

The high quality of the products

  • Own production of a full cycle which is  from the designing  patterns and the choice of materials to the finished products allows to control the quality of products at each stage of manufacturing.

The company carefully monitors that the products meet the highest requirements of customers.

  • A variety of design and color solutions of models

The company “Palmetta” offers a wide choice of original forms of lingerie and swimwear in topical color solutions.

One of the features of the assortment is the unique shapes of the sewn cups of bras.

Unlike the molded cup, they consider all features of woman body structure.

Lots  of  forms are very popular among customers and have a steady demand. The assortment includes basic collections that are always available and trendy ones created once and never repeated.


TM Palmetta is elegance, style, femininity.

Palmetta models are created according to the latest trends of the world fashion and meet the highest requirements of

today’s women. The every collection has its own mood and allows women feel more confident and attractive.


The Palmetta range also includes a line of swimwear. There is a large number of proposed collections, a variety of forms, a wide range of sizes, the possibility of forming a set within one collection. This all is significant advantages of the trade mark. Along with swimwear there are accessories for beach rest.


TM Millena is a real discovery for women who appreciate beauty, naturalness and comfort in everything.


The designs and materials used by designers have become popular and earned the trust of customers for a long time.

A wide range of colors, including traditional monochrome colors, a wide range of sizes and variety of collections – all these are the absolute advantages of TM Millena.


ТМ Grandissima is a functional comfortable underwear of medium and large sizes. It fits well, emphasizes the dignity of the figure and corrects the shortcomings. In the collections of this trademark there are both classic and trendy models.


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