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18 February 2019

Though ultra-plunging necklines have been in fashion for several seasons now, the trend is being confirmed with more designoriented lingerie that emulates the accessorizing of a ready-towear look. And so, we show off lace and strapping effects with new, delicately worked details, lending a dressed-up look to our newly artful necklines.

We owe this, first of all, to a social phenomenon, the 50th anniversary of May 1968. Many things became associated with this anniversary, such as the recent #metoo movement, which freed women to truly speak out. Women are inventing a new type of femininity that’s more committed to causes, that isn’t afraid of a seductive and enhanced feminine form for one’s own enjoyment, before thinking of being alluring in anyone else’s eyes.

Before this revolution, up to 2 or 3 years ago, lingerie was only a product with a practical support function. Today, it has become an accessory, or even a real fashion centerpiece (Opaak). And as part of this concept, we realize that lingerie is here to be seen, or at least glimpsed (Aubade, Lingadore, Maison Close). We don’t hide it anymore (Soft Strech, Passionata). We can still see real, elaborate work around the neckline: strapping effects have the main purpose of enhancing the bust, no matter what type of neckline reveals them (Hanro, Piège, Chantelle). This is why these straps, sometimes totally free of elastic, are becoming thicker and, therefore, increasingly present and visible.

With lace, there’s a desire to enhance necklines with bras that dare to be bold (Black Limba, Chantal Thomass, Maison Lejaby). This isn’t necessarily for the purpose of wild seductiveness, but rather in a desire to invent this new, unabashed and artful feminine style.

In 1987, in Caroline Loeb’s song, a woman was “passive and pensive in a silk négligée”; today, she’s much more assertive, and is a key player in lingerie full of comfort, even stylistically speaking.


Chantal Thomass

Black Limba


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