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6 April 2017

What are you going to wear this summer?
The show’s fashion team analyses the season’s 4 key trends.


  • Mix & match prints and bold sophisticated colours
  • Creating one’s own style
  • Influenced by all cultures
  • Oversize and tropical prints

Inspired by the Southern Hemisphere, beachwear brands are leaving behind traditional floral prints and using larger, bolder scales that are clearly tropical and pay homage to sunny southern cultures. Placed prints are mixed with African ‘boubou’ or wax motifs in a new creative language. Attention to design is a key element, as the richness of patterns and colours demands strong shapes. The wealth of bright colours and patterns brings southern flair to the beachwear product offer, and a surprising, energetic mood to lingerie! Our Southern Hemisphere woman feels comfortable in her body and doesn’t follow the rules. This new family of floral prints also takes its fresh look to full-coverage one-piece swimsuits.



  • Handmade and new materials
  • Avant-garde
  • Freeing style codes for new shapes and innovative textiles
  • Contrasting looks and materials
  • Inspired by yoga, meditation



The textile industry has recently become very motivated to drive innovation, particularly in the beachwear sector. Each material gives products multiple qualities such as performance, support, and durability. Innovative techniques combine silk lace and LYCRA® or linen with water-repellent coatings. These processes are inspired by an innovative trend that dares to use combinations and contrasts to produce sculpting, avant-garde lingerie and beachwear. Pastels are paired with more masculine shades like bluish gray and teal in new hybrid colour ranges. New stitching and cutting techniques are also being tested. Women no longer care what others think; they are becoming avant-garde.



  • Studied details and luxurious embellishments
  • High-end products, elegance and savoir-faire
  • Lace, sequins and luxurious bejewelled finishes
  • Feminine, creative and high quality

The lingerie industry, just like the beachwear sector, is integrating more and more premium finishes that give value to products. Lingerie pieces have haute couture details and fine materials that ensure comfort and durability. The lingerie and beachwear sectors are involved in a creative process and a constant search for increasingly high quality, creative products. A pale, soft palette compliments the skin and flatters the body. These products are for women who appreciate handwork and embellishments. They are meant to be seen under clothing, like delicate fine jewellery in a carefully chosen ensemble. Lace and placed prints bring elegance and a bespoke feeling. Beachwear is becoming even more couture and extravagant to celebrate relaxing on the beach. This feminine silhouette is an expression of confident elegance.



  • Sport codes
  • Designed shapes
  • Toned silhouette
  • Bold colours, almost primary
  • Symmetric effects, wide straps and zips
  • Guaranteed support and comfort

Our active woman cycles to work, goes dancing on her lunch break, and does yoga faithfully every morning to start her day with calm and strength. And the athletic-wear industry is meeting her needs with aesthetics and elegance. Moving beyond technical claims (which are now expected and guaranteed), the sports underwear industry now flatters shapes with careful use of detail. Straps and wide belts make sporty swimwear modern and add coverage to balconnet styles. Design is the star here with structured cuts that are no less stylish. Bright colours with neutral accents are used in product ranges that combine technical knowhow and aesthetics. This trend gives women modern, well-designed choices that unite the physical and spiritual dimensions.

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