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28 August 2017

Designed in Melbourne, Silent Arrow is all about confidence, freedom and self-empowerment. Kelly Barrett, Founder and Creative Director, launched the brand in December 2016 with a purpose; to create a brand that could empower women to be comfortable in their skin and take ownership of their bodies. With over 15 years’ experience in private labeling underwear for other brands, Kelly took charge and poured her street style and fashion know-how into Silent Arrow.

Nine months on and Silent Arrow has become more than just a lingerie brand; it’s a community of women who are fiercely independent and true to themselves. With a growing cult-like following of #TrueRadGirls on Instagram, Silent Arrow has grown into a place for women to share empowered photos in their lingerie for themselves, not focused on the male gaze.

“It’s time for women to find their voice again and stop the editing what we say and do constantly to be what society wants us to be. We make lingerie, but we are not like the traditional lingerie brands, we make lingerie for women not men and we ensure that it is comfortable and rocks!”

Debuting at CURVE NYC in August this year, Kelly showcased her range of upcoming designs and existing trend pieces, with a focus on her soon to be launched ‘Busted’ range. She has a wealth of experience in developing fuller busted products and is now launching DD-FF (UK) in her edgy but beautiful designs. Band size 30 to 38. These will be available pre-Christmas.

One of Silent Arrow’s defining characteristics is that the range is designed to mix and match. Most women do not match their bras to their knickers and Silent Arrow actually don’t want to encourage that extra hassle…as women we’re busy enough! There are 13 different bottoms to match 9 bras.

“It’s lingerie for women who are unafraid to be seen. It’s quite edgy and crosses from underwear to outerwear. You can wear it on its own or it’s great layered with see-through tops.” If bold architecturally-inspired lingerie with a strong purpose is your thing, make sure to check out Silent Arrow.

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