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UNIQUE by Mode City celebrates women and launches a unique casting!

2 May 2018


In line with the Body Positive movement, UNIQUE by Mode City is celebrating each and every woman and inviting them to take part in a Unique catwalk show on Saturday 7th July 2018 in Paris to prove that “We are all gorgeous and unique”. More than a simple fashion show, we’ll be sending out a message of love “Beautiful on the inside, beautiful on the outside, beautiful in my swimsuit!”.

“You are unique”: placing women at the heart of the conversation

Notions of femininity have changed considerably: it’s no longer about power, an exclusive view of women or one-size-fits-all seduction.
UNIQUE By Mode City’s vision of femininity prioritizes the individual: a new form of intimacy that explores “the way I love myself,” “the way I define myself” and a kind of self-acceptance, “I’m happy in my skin”.

Casting begins on May 2nd on @lingerieswimwearparis_shows
13 unique women will be selected to model swimwear alongside 3 bloggers: Gaelle Prudencio, Julie Bourges and Valériane Barcia.

The winners will be announced on June 5th on Instagram.



3 inspiring and unique women worth getting to know…

As part of the event, three inspiring and unique women are joining the adventure: Gaëlle Prudencio, Julie Bourges and Valériane.

Gaelle Prudencio – this young woman, aged 34, was working as a lawyer when she launched a blog and transformed her love of plus-size fashion into a career. Her niche: celebrating difference, with the Body Positive movement, which she has been promoting for nearly 10 years! “Taking part in this catwalk show will allow me to move to the next level and show the fashion industry that all women matter. All women are entitled to a swimsuit which helps them feel beautiful and good about themselves!”

Julie Bourges – when this unassuming woman of 21’s life was turned upside down, she relied on strength, bravery and honour to get her through. Having suffered severe burns during a tragic accident, Julie is now one of the most inspiring women to follow on a daily basis. “I would have found it impossible to model swimwear a few years ago but now I want to show everyone that, despite all our differences, we can love ourselves the way we are, no matter what other people see.”

Valériane Barcia – describing herself as “dishing out positivism” on social networks, this beautiful, young student fills her posts with self-assurance and motivation. “Taking part in this catwalk show is something I feel really strongly about. To show women that each and every one of us has a place in this world”. As she loves to say: “You’re going to get older and so will your body, it’s the only place where you’ll spend the rest of your life … so love yourself!”

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