5 February 2019

Valentine’s Day: a time for lovers to express their feelings through gifts, affection, and of course, lingerie!

The holiday we now call Valentine’s Day began in the Roman Empire as a celebration of fertility and the coming of spring. The day evolved into a celebration of romance in the 14th century, and has since exploded into a major American holiday that celebrates love, affection, and sensuality. Many lovers indulge in fine lingerie to express their desire on Valentine’s Day.

Below, explore 10 brands that have released 2019 Valentine’s Day Collections for the upcoming holiday of love.



Choose your own adventure in Jolidon’s Valentine’s Day Collection, featuring 3 unique styles: Roxanne, Chloe, and Penelope. Pictured here is Roxanne, commanding attention with bright red lace, straps, and lace-up details. 








Atelier Amour has released a Valentine’s Day Collection titled Nommée Désir (“named desire”). Combining lace, graphic stripes, and golden details, the collection is elegant and feminine — yet modern and bold. 







The Memoi Valentine’s Day Collection offers a more sophisticated color palette and styling than the traditional ‘red hearts’ theme. Delicately soft velvet, lace, and hand-stitched embroidery showcase Memoi’s unique vision for this intimate occasion. Designs are meant to evoke passion, love, and adoration through a blending of boldness and sensuality. 






Cosabella’s Valentine’s Day Collection is as much about you as it is about your loved one. Italian for “beautiful thing,” Cosabella lingerie encourages you to indulge, because you deserve it. 











Keep it simple in Dominique’s Lacee Contour T-Shirt Bra for Valentine’s day, because comfort equals confidence. 








This Valentine’s Day, feel the unparalleled comfort and support of Elila’s Glamour Collection. This collection melds fashion and function with designs for plus-sized, full-figured, and full-busted women. 











Meet Wallflower — the collection by Fleur of England for this Valentine’s Day. Pieces are made with vivid crimson silk and bespoke embroidery in bestselling silhouettes. This passionate and provocative collection was made for confident, strong women, bursting with a sexy attitude. 






Lise Charmel has released an exclusive Valentine’s Day Collection: Lise Charmel Ecrin Dentelle. Classic lace, delicate embroidery, and Swarovski crystals make this collection unforgettable. 










Rya Collection released a Valentine’s Day Collection titled: FROM THE HEART. Designs feature whimsical silhouettes and delicate touches of embroidery that capture the essence of a dreamy romance. 











Uwila Warrior’s Valentine’s Day Collection is inspired by women loving themselves. When you love the woman you are and make time for the self-care you deserve, amazing things can happen. The collection features ‘love note pockets’ that are perfect for stashing a note of inspiration.  

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