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27 June 2017

Since 1956, Leonisa has created innovative high-end design solutions to enhance the beauty of women with more than 60 years of excellence in the manufacturing of intimate apparel.

A vertically integrated company, Leonisa produces 90% of textile inputs for the development of all its products. There are currently 33 manufacturing plants and production facilities in Colombia and Costa Rica. Proud to be known as the first, top-selling brand in women’s intimate apparel in Latin America, Leonisa distribution centers currently expand to 12 different countries. More than 40 million units per year are produced, manufactured and sold worldwide.


The hottest trend for us in 2018 is the surf/sporty look, handmade detailing on the suits, zippers, tropical prints, and high-neck tops. We’re coming up with different fabrics to use like the leather-look and we’re using our best designs in this fabric, and offering swimsuits with more coverage. For the first time, we’re introducing men’s swimwear as well.

Leo for Men:

For 2018, we will continue to push for our men’s shapewear and sports underwear. We used to target men who had back issues or were heavier for shapewear, but now it’s men who are in shape. We are especially targeting the men of the moment – the latest generation. New generations want to look, feel and be fit. These men are buying shapewear to exercise. They want to be comfortable while they are doing sports so high-quality underwear is important as well. Our products fit perfectly into this niche.


First of all, we are continuing to grow with Macy’s as well as the relationship we have with Thalia. Our current forecast is to be available to customers in 300 Macy’s stores. In addition to being spread out to more stores, we have added more styles to the Macy’s portfolio. It’s a tremendous growth for us.

For 2018, we have more styles in our best lines of shapewear among our firm and moderate control levels. We are growing into leggings with control as well. These products are amazing – our leggings are a combination of sports and daily wear.


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