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This winter’s layering trend

28 November 2018

We’ve heard about the layering trend in the beauty industry. Developed in Japan, it involves applying several layers of skincare to the face in a precise order and is supposed to prevent a whole range of skin issues.

On the fashion side, this winter’s ‘must-have’ trend calls for stylishly layered garments.
Endless outfit combinations can be created by mixing styles and contrasting colours, volumes and fabrics. There is only one key rule: all the different layers must be on show.

This trend offers a number of advantages for brands, as well as shoppers:
slip dresses can be worn in summer or winter, over a sweater or blouse, for example. Brands can create transitional collections that work all year round, while favourite pieces can be worn over and over, throughout the year, in original and innovative outfits. This responsible and ethical aspect should not be overlooked.

Layering can be a way of flattering different body types by creating volume to balance the silhouette. It’s also a way of styling more elaborate and structured outfits.

A basic wardrobe of sweaters, shirts, roll-necks, pleated skirts and jackets can be adjusted and layered to suit changing weather and moods, while varying materials and accessories: knits, cotton, straps, harnesses, jewellery, etc.

Loungewear brands have taken this on board. Hanro and Pluto on the Moon stand out from the crowd with the layering options in their new collections.

Pluto on the Moon


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